March 28, 2010

I like to eat, eat, eat...

Apples & bananas. And all this other stuff...

Some strawberries and a thin with good old fashioned strawberry jam. Plus a few chunks of dark chocolate. I popped this in the microwave to make the chocolate a little melty. Fabulous idea.

Lunch was a leftover homemade black bean burger.
On the side I had cucumbers and Kay's chili nacho cheese chips. The flavor of the chips were a perfect match for the burger. Spicy and cheesy! 8/10. Great lunch!

After lunch Bryan and I did some errands and picked ourselves up a shiny new toaster oven!
We decided to get a cheap one to hold us over for now and to register for a nicer one. Looking forward to using it.

One of my afternoon snacks was some Dr. Kracker seeded spelt crackers
With a little almond butter and a little honey peanut butter. So yummy.

I had dinner with my little at Wegmans.
I put together a salad with iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, chickpea salad, onions, feta cheese, cucumbers, and fat free dijon honey mustard dressing. This salad was AWESOME. I am absolutely buying all the ingredients and recreating it at home. YUMMM. I also had some broccoli and shang hai shrimp from the Asian wokery bar. So very pleased with this meal :)

My lovely little with some lemon squares.
Love her!

There were a bunch of other unpictured eats today, but after all it is snacking Sunday!

So, exercising took a backseat to everything else that was going on in my life this weekend, aka errands, school work, blogging, etc. I'm a little bummed but I know I'll get back on track tomorrow with some serious cardio!! In other fitness news, I've decided that instead of giving you little snippets about my workouts during the week, I'm going to do one fitness recap at the end of each week to show you what my schedule was like.

Bye bye weekend :(


  1. mm your breakfast looks soo great!!
    yay for FITNESS RECAPS! i cannot wait!

  2. Ohhh breaky looks yummm...chocolate strawberries are a great way to start the day!!