March 27, 2010


Creative title, eh?

Today's eats...

Apple butter style. I mixed maple and brown sugar oats with some dried cranberries, white chocolate chips, and the rest of my apple butter. Very tasty, but the white chocolate flavor kind of got lost.

Lunch was my favorite burger.
Homemade black bean burgers! Made by my future hubby :) I topped my burger with blobs of sriracha and ketchup and I had some FSTG jalapeno chips on the side. Hot stufffff!

I also had strawberries and dark chocolate dreams for dipping.

Some lovely pre-dinner snacks at my friend Erin's...
Cheese, pepperoni, crackers, chips and dip. I could eat apps all day long!

We ordered in and I got a tasty buffalo chicken wrap. (Dipped it in blue cheese, of course!)

This monster!
A sugar cookie bigger than my hand! And I ate it all. It was phenomenal. Clearly, I did not count calories today :)

Unpictured eats: Vanilla Special K bar, Ritz munchables (half cracker half pretzel) dipped in dark chocolate dreams, and NOO espresso chocolate chip cookies.


  1. I don't have apple butter but I am almost at the end of my applesauce jar - what a great way to get all the extras in the bottom!

    That sugar cookie looks great - I'm glad it tasted as good as it looks!

  2. Amazing looking black bean burger!

  3. I love buffalo chicken wraps and that cookie looks amazing, worth every inch :)

    My dog is a poodle chihuahua btw, thanks for the love :) I am so obsessed with him it's not even funny but he is my baby!

  4. Oh wow, that cookie looks worth every single bite. Sometimes it's good to just indulge :) Hope you had a great Sunday!!

  5. LOVE the apple butter oats in a jar!!!

    And wow that cookie is huge!! I LOVE sugar cookies!! btw your ring is so pretty!!!

    Yes furbaby post edition 2 is a must!!!