March 17, 2010

Big Fat OOPS!

Guess who forgot to take a picture of breakfast again? Yep, me. Oops! But that is not the oops my title is referring to. We'll get there...

First, breakfast was vanilla yogurt with some fresh blueberries. I love the was much better than the white chocolate raspberry. Who knew the less fancy flavor would be better? My blueberries were also much sweeter than the ones I ate the other day.

Today's lunch was made up of two of my favorite combinations!
Cracked pepper turkey and spinach and artichoke cream cheese on a thin, and sweet potato chips with almond butter for dipping. Double yum!! I also had some cucumbers. Great lunch!

Bryan made me some fresh guacamole (he makes the best) and then I mixed in some tuna. I love the tuna/guacamole combo. Usually I make my tuna with mayo and then eat the two together, but I am all out of mayo and refused to buy it because I only like the real fatty stuff. So, instead I just mixed the tuna right out of the can with the guac. It was a little heavy on the guacamole but I'm not complaining. It had a very "fish taco" feel to it. I dipped FSTG jalapeno chips in the mix and also had some broccoli and Cedar's garlic hummus on the side.

Dessert was some Crofter's Europe fruit spread on half of a thin.
I also had some raisins and a tiny piece of dark chocolate to make sure I was really full :)

So, the jalapeno chips I had with dinner were plan B. Plan A was this...
YIKES! This was my big fat oops. I cut up a whole-wheat wrap and toasted the pieces. The next thing I knew, they were black and engulfed in flames! It was one scary oops! Now, for the life of me I don't know what went wrong. I have toasted wraps tons of times and never had a problem. Very strange!!

Some pics of my poor, sad toaster oven:

Look's like we'll be adding a new toaster to our wedding registry :(


  1. I kid you not, I just said the same exact thing to my friend! "I am all out of mayo and refused to buy it because I only like the real fatty stuff" I only get regular mayo! none of that light or reduced fat for me!

  2. Our salad bowls do look the same!!!!!!!! lol!! I just saw yours on the post before this!!! We are too cute!!

    Oh my poor burnt pita chips!! Yikes, glad the toaster oven didnt burn the house down!! Homemade guac??? Awesome!! U got a good man!!!

    Love u girl!!!!!!!

  3. oh my toaster oven has seen its fair share of scorchers too, no worries! i LOVE guac, yum!

  4. omg!!!!!!!!!! That is scccary. Glad everything turned out ok!! Perhaps it was too hot!

    Your lunch looks yummy :)I love anything spinach and artichoke!

  5. I love the idea of mixing tuna and guacamole!!

  6. oh no! i've never had my share of burning things - oops! :)