March 5, 2010

Finally Friday.

Ah, it's finally here. This has been a long, long week! Unfortunately I spent most of the day doing homework so it doesn't quite feel like the weekend yet, but nonetheless, it's finally Friday :)

Remember my awesome picture of the perfect snack? (Hummus crackers and my beloved spinach and artichoke cream cheese) Well, guess who forgot to put the cream cheese away after taking the pic? THIS GIRL. Blahhh! So upset!

Anyway, in food news...

Breakfast was half of a thin with apple butter and some frozen grapes.
Isn't the little baby grape cute? :)

Today's lunch was sub par.
I had a thin with cucumbers, roasted red pepper bruschetta, and swiss cheese. I wasn't really digging this combination. To be honest I think it would have been better without the bruschetta. On the side I had FSTG sweet potato chips (which are reallllly growing on me) dipped in almond butter. Ah, I can't get over how good these two are together!

DIAB. Dinner in a bowl. Like Oats in a Jar! Ha, so clever.
It seems kinda pathetic when dinner can fit into a tiny bowl, but it was delicious nonetheless. I had tuna with LOTS of onion powder, some swiss cheese, and NOO pretzels. I have found some delicious tuna recipes on other blogs but I am so in love with how I've been making my own tuna lately (ok fine, Bryan makes it) that I can't get myself to try something new!

For dessert I had some frozen grapes and 100 calorie chocolate pretzels.
I mixed them up together in the pretzel bag to add a little excitement, haha. Simple and tasty!

Fitness update...I did cardio party this morning and am determined to get myself off the couch tonight to do some turbosculpt!

Tomorrow is my splurge meal! It's a repeat of something I've already splurged on...any guesses? I'm SUPER excited!

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  1. OH I love the turbo series! damn I have not done turbosculpt in forever, I might have to pop it in that dvd player very soon.

    I can't wait to see your splurge meal =)

  2. i love choc covered pretzels and frozen grapes, but have never had them together! yum!

  3. Yay for a splurge meal!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what ti is?? I had mine last night, was amazing sushi!!!

    SO glad you enjoyed the furbaby post and thanks for having Ellie a part of it!! xoxo