January 27, 2010

Another day, Another salad.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I am very low on food so I apologize for my less than exciting eats!

Went back to the oats today.
Same as always, maple and brown sugar with dried cranberries. Mmm mm mm.

For lunch I had sliced cucumbers on a whole-wheat wrap with light veggie cream cheese.
Delicious, but simply not filling enough. I was glad I had some barbecue popchips on the side. They were awesome!!! I don't think I've ever tasted chips that captured the bbq flavor this well! Big fan! 8.5/10

Dinner was another salad.
I mixed it up though (no pun intended, ha) and chopped up a black bean burger (Morningstar Farms, of course) and added shredded cheddar. I also combined my yogurt ranch dressing with some taco sauce for a very tasty dressing with a Mexican twist. Yum!

I worked out tonight! Yay! I had to take it easy because my calves (particularly the right one) are still hurting, ugh! My workout wound up being an amalgamation of many different things. I attempted to do the 10 minute/100 cal workout but the long jumps and jumping jacks were really painful so I scratched that and just jogged around my apartment for a while. It's more of a workout than it sounds because there's currently a stack of boxes in the hall that I need to jump over every time I pass, haha! Then I tried to follow some tae-bo workouts on youtube but got frustrated with my slow internet and wound up throwing some random moves together (kicks, jabs,crunches, squats, and so on) and calling it a night. I'm excited for the dvds I won to arrive!

ANNOYANCE of the day. The case of the missing eyeshadow! My eyeshadow that I use every day mysteriously went missing. It never leaves my desk, where I do my make-up, and yesterday it was no where to be found. I have looked EVERYWHERE and am convinced my cat took it and hid it!!!! So bummed out. What's your annoyance of the day?


  1. Your cat is trolling the neighborhood looking for love wearing your eyeshodow.

  2. Hahaha! Julie's comment made me laugh. Totally pictued Ellie dressed in drag.

    Annoyance: Lower back/butt/hip pain from sitting all day at work. Ouch!!!!

  3. my annoyance of the day: Stephen keeps filling the candy dish with more and more M&Ms leftover from Christmas!! My God man, how big IS that bag of M&M's anyway! - (it's not really an annoyance - I'm just mad 'cause he eats them with no guilt!)
    and Jenna, your eyeshadow is in your purse somewhere - go check ! Have a great Thursday!

  4. Thanks, Jenna! It was a great day for food indeed! :) Definitely try the Whole Foods brand for soy chips -- they come in different flavors. The cheddar cheese and BBQ ones are my faves!

  5. Wow I hate that! I somehow lost my favorite cd somewhere in my car :( It's not even dirty though! Annoyance of the day: that there aren't enough hours in the day! I swear it was 5 o'clock just a couple minutes ago..
    Good job on the workout! It's hard enough getting motivated to workout, let alone with sore calves!