January 4, 2010

New job, same old grub.

Today started off with oatmeal again.
No smile today, I wasn't feeling very cheery at 6:30 in the morning. This batch was maple and brown sugar flavored again with some white chocolate PB and cinnamon. It was good but I couldn't finish it since I had first day jitters :/

I took a picture of my lunch at home because I didn't know where I'd be eating or who I'd be with and I didn't want to whip out my camera in front of strangers and make a really weird first impression.
I had more Oscar Mayer turkey on a wrap with provolone cheese and roasted red pepper bruschetta with some Lays Lightly Salted chips on the side. The wrap was delicious. That bruschetta was such a great find. I didn't eat until about 2 o'clock though and had really worked up an appetite so I wished I had more eats to fill me up.

I got home around 6:15pm and didn't realize how hungry I was until I walked in the door.
I made a Morningstar Farms black bean burger (which is my favorite kind of veggie burger other than the black bean burgers that Chili's has, whatever they are!). I topped it with pickles, red onion, and tomatoes, and had some more jalapeno Doritos on the side and another pickle. I only eat Claussen pickles...they are the best...they taste like the ones you get on the side of a burger at the diner! Yum! I dipped my burger in a mix of ketchup and Sriracha. I featured the Sriracha in the picture because it is one of the best condiments ever! Bryan discovered it at the restaurant he works at (Black & Blue). It is very spicy and very flavorful. It makes everything better, including sandwiches, pasta, pizza, hot dogs, soup, etc., etc.! Dinner was pretty good but I was still a tad hungry after so I snacked on way too many raisins. They are like nature's candy!

As far as my first day at work goes, I'm exhausted, but I'm not really sure why! Apparently two year olds don't really do all that much! Our day consisted of a read aloud, puzzle playing, Lego playing, napping and eating. It seems pretty easy and even kinda fun, but it was a really long day I am very glad to be home snuggled up next to my fiance in our cold apartment.

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