January 6, 2010

Sushi Saved the Day.

This morning my stomach wasn't very happy so I skipped the oats and went for a honey nut Special K Bar instead.
Less than exciting, as you can see. My tummy was rumbling much earlier than usual.

Bryan was the food artist again today and he decided to be a little...creative.
I had to post it, haha. Adorable. Plus, it was the same lunch as yesterday, (wrap with baby spinach, turkey, red onion, roasted red pepper bruschetta and tomato and basil feta) so at least you have something different to look at :)

My cousin got me this book for Christmas.
I used to read Chicken Soup books all the time so I was really excited to dive into it. I brought it to work with me for the past few days to read during breaks but it is such a tearjerker that I had to stop! I was reading in front of my new coworkers and I felt obligated to hold back my tears! It's full of really heartwarming stories, so I definitely recommend it. Just be sure to have a box of tissues near by!

So today I was supposed to meet Bryan for lunch but I unexpectedly got scheduled for the earlier break and wasn't able to see him which put a huge damper on my day :(

I'm still really bummed about lunch but I got a really big pick-me-up when (as if he isn't already amazing enough) I came home to a fantastic surprise dinner waiting for me in the fridge.
Sushi!!!! A Spicy tuna roll with avocado from the Pittsford Wegman's. DE-LICIOUS. Two syllable worthy. It's so light and yet so tasty. I could have eaten a whole other roll.

Instead, I finished off the day the way I started it.
With a Special K bar. Woohoo. This one was blueberry flavored though, and I must admit it hit the spot. Also, I'd like to point out that the lovely Pepto-Bismol background is my Snuggie. I live in this thing, it's amazing!

By the way, I'm a little embarrassed that my nails are featured twice in this post. The polish has been peeling off for days but I was out of nail polish remover! (Sorry Mom!) Thank goodness Bryan bought me some today!

Fun fact: the theme of the month at the school where I work is "Good Eats" That made me happy. We've been doing a lot with fruits and vegetables and it's making me realize that I should make more room for them in my diet. This weekend's mission: stock up on LOTS of fresh fruit and veggies!


  1. I can't take you guys!! You're so damned cute!!!!!!!!!! I love that Bryan designs your food pictures!!!! and even the chipped nails are cute !!! - Hey, Z-Bars (they're Cliff Bars for kids) are great and organic and YUMMY - 120 or 130 calories of deliciousness - and their organic so you don't feel back about eating them - no high fructose stuff - I can't wait for the food pics tomorrow !!!

  2. Jared wouldn't even make a turkey sandwich for me this morning. All of the good boyfriend points go to Bryan! LOL.

    You ate like a little bird today. Make sure you have a filling breakfast so you have enough energy to deal with the rugrats! :o)

  3. I love Wegman's! LOL I have only been in there a few times when I visited my boyfriend's family, but I absolutely LOVE it! Wish they had it in Boston! Haha...

  4. love me some sushi!!
    that is such a cute wrap!
    girl those special k bars dont fill me up at all!