January 13, 2010

What's better than...

A care package! Today we got a package in the mail from my Aunt Marie. It was awesome!
It consisted of warm boots for me, a hat for Bryan, throat lozenges, a napkin/stirrer holder, candy, and some neato burrito light up coasters! Thank you!!!

On to the food...

Breakfast was oatmeal...surprised?
I used plain oats, some cinnamon, a little pumpkin pie spice, and raisins. This was way too plain for me so I didn't eat much. I'll definitely have to add some PB or Ovaltine tomorrow.

Lunch was a cucumber and lite veggie cream cheese wrap. (Thanks to Bryan for my lunch photo today)
I also had some baked chips, carrot sticks, and berries and grapes. I love the cream cheese and cucumber combination. I think the lite cream cheese (Philadelphia brand) will have to play a role in more lunches. Everything was really tasty but I could have definitely eaten more!

For dinner I decided to make my Kashi pizza.

Note the differences between their picture and my picture.
The pizza was just OK. All the toppings were in the middle of the pie, it was a little watery, and not very flavorful. Not sure if I would buy it again. On the side I made a simple spinach and feta cheese salad with lite parmesan peppercorn dressing and decided to top my pizza with it to make it more interesting.

Of course, I was still hungry after so I mixed some oatmeal with chocolate mousse.
I liked it at first but half way through I got very bored with it and decided not to eat it all. I like my oats and Ovaltine mixture much better. That's what I have in mind for tomorrow's breakfast.

Ok, off to finish watching Jeopardy and attempt to exercise by 8 o'clock. Wish me luck!


  1. you're awesome!! I love that my care package made the blog!!! I'm famous!!! Looking at your pictures makes me hungry for a snack !!!

  2. I've been trying to stay away from frozen meals because like you, I've been disappointed that they aren't like the box.

    Lovely care package! :)

  3. it really was a great care package -- thanks aunt marie!