January 5, 2010

Long day, quick post.

Today was so long. I am drained and achy. So this post will be short. And needless to say, there will be no updates about exercise :/

I intended to have oatmeal for breakfast again.
This one was apple cinnamon flavored and I did NOT like it. I ate about three bites and tossed it. Not a great start to the morning!

This uniquely angled photo of my lunch was taken by Bryan. He also gets credit for making my lunch...everyday :) Thanks babe!
The wrap consisted of baby spinach, Oscar Mayer turky, roasted red pepper bruschetta (I meant to take a picture of the jar but forgot), red onion, and tomato and basil feta. It was SO delicious! I ate it very slowly so it would fill me up more and so I could really savor every bite. I had some Lightly Salted Lays on the side and a little roasted red pepper hummus for dipping, and snacked on the berries earlier in the afternoon.

Tonight's dinner was a cheddar cheese and refried bean quesadilla.
It was good but the best parts were the ones that were oozing with cheese, of course. I had some more beans on the side and, shockingly, more Doritos. I wasn't too excited about these chips this time but I'm really lacking in healthy snacks!

To end my exhausting day I drove home in awful, terrible, horrible weather. Ugh!


  1. HEY beautiful!! im soo glad you found my blog-thanks so much for commenting!! i am so glad we have that in common...God is so good! im so sorry you had such a LONG day-i know how those go! good thing is that you KNOW tommo will be better (it has to) hey-no shame in the doritos! sometimes u just need a good chip!! hehe :)

  2. You should try making sweet potato chips! Even Jared, Mr. Anti-Vegetable, loved eating them.

    They're easy, tasty, and a great way to sneak in another serving of veggies while still thinking you're eating a crunchy chip.

  3. I'm running out and buying Sriacha! Stephen's gonna love it - OK, here's another sugguestion for breakfast - try the plain instant oatmeal but add either Splenda and blueberries (frozen are ok) or Blue Agave Nectar sweetener (looks like syrup- Trader Joe's has it) and it has a low glycemic index - Also cinammon is great!! and you're not getting all the sugar in the sweetened oatmeals.
    And to your credit (and Bryan's)I say that if you're not a professional photographer or "food stylist", you should NOT take photos of food...but your pictures actually look really really good!!!! VERY appetizing!! (ok, maybe it's the Doritos that sneak into every picture but still !) xo