January 26, 2010

Half way through my week...

Thank God!!!

This morning I went for a Vitalicious muffin top instead of oats.
I chose a banana nut, and microwaved it for 27 seconds. Yes, 27 exactly :) The first bite was dry but it got more moist as I kept eating and overall I was very satisfied. I would give this an 8/10. I don't think it kept me full as long as oatmeal does though, because by about 9am I was feeling all sorts of hungry!

Lunch was...
An apple...what a camera trick! It looks like there are a million slices!...Light veggie cream cheese, baked chips, and slices of turkey. At first I dipped the apple in the cream cheese and liked the sweet and salty mix but soon decided that the baked chips, turkey, and cream cheese combo was way better.

Dinner wasn't overly exciting...
I am due for a food shopping trip and am out of lots of good food so I had to rely on some basic essentials and threw together a salad with baby spinach, a cut up Italian Herb Chik'n patty (Morningstar), cucumbers, and the last of the monteray jalepeno. I had the last of my baked chips on the side (I really need to go shopping!!!) and had two Newman's Own Organics espresso chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Cookies...YUM-MY. It was so difficult to not have three..or four..or five. 9/10!

My fitness has taken a backseat yesterday...and today. I only did crunches and arm work yesterday and simply can't fit a workout in tonight (I got home from class at 7:45, ate dinner, blogged, have to do homework and then I'm hittin the hay) so I feel a little guilty. But, I know it's all for good reason and as long as I am active 5 days a week I'm happy. I am confident I will workout Wed, Thurs, Fri or Sat and then Sun.

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  1. Glad you aren't discouraged if 1 or 2 workouts need to take a backseat. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day!

    You and Bryan should work out together on the weekends. Great way to be healthy and spend QT together.