January 16, 2010


Today's breakfast was a few handfuls of Newman's Own Organics Cinnamon Grahams.
They were tasty, but a little light on the cinnamon. I also had a few dried apples by Newman's. I feel like I am slowly acquiring a taste for dried fruit. As it is for most dried fruits I try, I wasn't crazy about the first few pieces but eventually they started to taste like candy and it was hard to stop eating!

Lunch was very simple because I knew I was going to be splurging later.
I had cheddar cheese (I think I've included cheddar in every meal since I've been home, yikes) and tomato on a whole-wheat wrap with some more bbq soy crisps and pretzels on the side. Not exciting, but still yummy.

I decided to splurge on Italian food from the restaurant I worked at in high school, Thornwood Pizza & Pasta. They have the BEST food! Everything is so fresh, so flavorful, and of course, so fatty. It is so delicious that I refuse to eat Italian anywhere else (seriously!) so it's really a treat when I come home and get to indulge!

We ordered in and I snacked while we were waiting for it to be delivered.
I had some wheat Tollhouse crackers with monteray jack and jalapeno cheese. YUM!

I only had a few slices so I would not ruin my appetite for THIS!
Penne alla vodka (I promise you this is the world's best recipe) topped with plenty of parmesan cheese and eggplant parmesan doused in Sriracha. SO DELICIOUS!

Too much cheese this weekend, huh? :(

Bryan and my brother split a family size chicken marsala meal and both got different pasta side dishes.
There were tons of leftovers and I'm sure I will be having a very unhealthy midnight snack.

For dessert we tried Newman's Own Organics Hermits -original flavor.
Bryan and I both agreed that they were flavorful and fresh but we weren't in love with them. We're not big fans of this type of cookie though, so we were a little biased.

And now, a little quiz for you!

I came across this in an old issue of Consumer Reports. Take a look a the list and see if you can figure out which meal has more calories. (Sorry it's a little blurry!) I will post the answers tomorrow.


  1. FUN! Look forward to seeing the answers :)

  2. ahh im gona have to study those items!
    LOVE the alphabet cookies-i got the chocolate ones here and they are amazing!