January 7, 2010

Bruegger's DISASTER plus another surprise dinner!

Today I decided to go back to the oats.
I had a smaller portion today of the maple and brown sugar flavored and added some fresh raspberries. I wish I had eaten a little more because I was hungry way before my break and, as you will soon find out, I did not have a very filling lunch!

So, the Bruegger's adventure... Bryan and I decided to meet for lunch today to make up for yesterday. There's a few food places nearby but I picked Bruegger's over the rest because I've had good experiences there and it's not too difficult to find something healthy. I checked out the menu online this morning and read about an amazing Thai chicken wrap that I was really looking forward to but it is only offered at certain locations, and of course wasn't offered where we went. So, after staring at the menu board for what seemed like forever I started to freak about how long I was taking and knowing I had to get back to work I quickly decided on something called the Roadhouse It had grilled chicken, lettuce, honey mustard, cheddar cheese, and bacon, only I got it sans bacon and with tomatoes instead. I should have known that my meal wasn't going to turn out great when the guy I ordered from said "Oh, I've never made that before" and stared at the Specials sign the whole time he was making it. He remembered that I replaced the bacon with tomatoes, but forgot the lettuce. He also clearly had never made a wrap before, so he kind of just folded it. Then after that was made Bryan ordered a certain bagel sandwich that he had also had never heard of. He made that right at least, but Bryan added an everything bagel with butter to his order and was handed a Poppyseed instead. And if I wasn't already frustrated enough, the lady ringing us up was on her cellphone and told her baby to hold on while she did the transactions. Totally unprofessional! In fact, it seemed like no one in the stinkin' place knew what they were doing! It was very bizarre. Take a look at my delicious lunch below.
The chicken had a very fake and rubbery taste to it and I eventually took it out and just ate the tomato and cheese wrap. Even that didn't last long though and I gave up on it half way through and ate some of Bryan's lunch. (You can see it in the background of the next pic). I also got some baked chips which were lacking any taste at all and look how few there were in the bag! There was probably around eleven chips!
Clearly, lunch was a bit of a disaster. Except of course for getting to see this handsome guy :)

Again I came home to a surprise dinner! This time it was roasted red pepper pesto over pasta. Bryan wrote me this adorably long note about how hard he tried to find a healthy recipe and how he picked out a pasta with the lowest carbs and calories. So thoughtful!

Here is the meal with some Sriracha and feta cheese. Yum!
And the healthy pasta!

Also, for whatever reason we are not allowed to drink beverages with labels at work so I have been using this...
It says Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure. I love The Office, but it's kind of embarrassing. Everyone one has cool stainless steel ones like these: I totally need to invest in one.

ALSO, Melissa from Crunches for Cupcakes awarded me the Beautiful Blogger Award. (Thanks!!!) It means that I have to tell you seven random facts about myself and then pass it on to seven other people who blog (which will be difficult for me since I'm just starting to meet other bloggers!!)

Here are my facts:
1. I am getting married in 204 days. That's six months and 24 days.
2. I still have braces...and they're permanent. They are on the back of my bottom teeth so no one will ever see them!
3. I have had two kidney stones in my life, when I was 12 and when I was 19. I was hospitalized both times for the pain.
4. I'm deathly afraid of spiders but I am so compassionate that when I kill them I get really upset.
5. I have made close to 150 dollars by taking online surveys.
6. I usually make it a point to tell people I meet that I don't like to be called Jen but about a year ago realized that everyone in my immediate family calls me Jen and always has.
7. I have Friday's off from work! Woo! Happy weekend!

I'm kind of stuck for who to pass this onto because I'm not sure who follows me so let's just say if you blog and are reading please consider yourself awarded!!

On a less happy note, I was already infected by those germy little rascals (who I am starting to love) and have a terrible sore throat that is only getting worse. So unfortunately I think I will be using this weekend to recover :(


  1. Oh no, get well soon!

    Sorry that your lunch date didn't go well. Your meal reminds me of my crappy wrap from Star Market on Sunday. At least you came home to a delicious meal!

    And glad you liked your "award." :o) Can't believe your wedding is only 6ish months away!