January 8, 2010

Lazy Friday

Today was wonderfully lazy. I slept in so my first meal of the day was lunch.
I had a pasta/salad mix with the leftover Ronzoni pasta, baby spinach, turkey, shredded cheddar, and lite peppercorn parmesan ranch dressing. Yum!

It didn't keep me satisfied for long though, so I needed to have a midday snack.
I ate some leftover refried beans mixed with a little bit of shredded cheddar and some enchilada sauce. It was good but apparently my tummy was a bottomless pit today because not too long after I was ready for dinner.

I made english muffin pizzas (my own version) topped with melted pepperjack cheese, red onion, and grape tomatoes.
Unfortunately the tomatoes were a few days past their prime and were pretty yucky so I took them off, but it was still a tasty meal. I dipped the pizzas in some lite ranch dressing.

Again, I was STILL hungry! So, for dessert I had some oats mixed with a tablespoon of Ovaltine and a teaspoon of white chocolate peanut butter.
YUMMY! This combination was great but next time I think I'll use a little more Ovaltine and a little less PB.

I'm happy to report that I actually spent some time on my fitness yesterday. Nothing crazy, but I did a lot of arm work--bicep curls, leg lifts, jumping jacks--that kind of stuff. I used to follow a tae-bo workout tape and loved the way I felt after, so I usually incorporate tae-bo moves into my routines too. I am going to try my best to try to turn my lazy day around with some exercise. We'll see!!

Tomorrow's grocery day...are there any must-haves that should be on my list??

In other news, Katie from Faith Food & Fitness is having a Chobani giveaway. Check it out: Chobani giveaway


  1. Must haves for your grocery list: onions, (red and yellow), celery, carrots and low sodium chicken broth - oh, and spinach and eggs - You can wip up a great stracciatella soup with the spinach, eggs and broth and it's delicious! also, hard boiled eggs are my "go-to" snack - just the whites though (about 20 calories), I don't like the yolk too much - I loved your blog today and I too felt like a bottomless pit - It's the weather - your body is telling you to fatten up for the cold days ahead - Oh and also, ANY of the Kashi cereals are great - I usually have them for afternoon snacks - you're awesome! I love you !


  2. So proud that you got a workout in! You'll be a gym-bunny in no time!

    I had a bottomless pit day earlier this week. I couldn't stop snacking til I figured out what food would really satisfy me.

    On my typical grocery list: Yogurt (Greek and regular), bananas, some type of seasonal fruit, lettuce...nothing too crazy. :o)