January 20, 2010

Eats and THANK YOU to popchips!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday -- maple and brown sugar oats with no toppings--hence why there is no pic! I was feeling extra lazy and liked it yesterday so I figured, why not!

Here's lunch...
A turkey burger with spicy mustard and bbq sauce to dip in, with cucumbers and bbq soy crisps on the side. The burger was just as delicious as last night...such a great substitute for red meat! I wound up mixing my dipping sauces together and created a phenomenal condiment. The crisps were great as always, but I ate the last of them :( And the cucs added a nice refreshing touch to the meal.

Dinner was more tiny sandwiches!
I had tiny pumpernickels with turkey, tomato, and monteray jalapeno cheese. The cheese flavor was kind of overpowered so I took it off and ate it separately to really savor it :) I had leftover sauteed veggies on the side...still very tasty!

A big thank you to popchips for sending me an awesome package of samples of six flavors of chips!
I tried the salt and pepper chips with my dinner and they were FANTASTIC! They had the healthy lightness and airiness that crisps do, but the salty crunch of potato chips. They are packed with flavor and each little bag is only 100 calories! I was very, very satisfied. This is definitely a perfect alternative to greasy potato chips. Can't wait to review the other flavors. popchips also included a nifty little chip clip and a packet of coupons! Thanks so much!

I am home on the early side tonight so I will definitely get in some fitness. (I did get myself to work out last night...lifting, kicks, crunches, and jogging in place...go me!) However, my arms are already tired because I spent most of my morning holding 2 year olds. I think that should count as an arm work out!

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  1. Haven't tried Pop Chips...yet!

    Glad you worked out yesterday and that those kids aren't wearing you out too much.