January 3, 2010

Another day of eats.

Sooo glad I have these babies to keep my feet toasty during these cold winter days.

So, unfortunately I haven't been able to get into a workout routine yet due to the fact that I pulled a whole bunch of muscles in my gluteal area and have been limping ever since. Embarrassingly, this injury is the result of a Wii bowling game. Since I haven't been able to exercise my lower body at all I've been doing various upper body stretches and lifting five pound weights. Not exactly impressive, but hopefully I'll be up to something more substantial in a few days. Any advice on how to ease my muscle pain??

Today I woke up starving so breakfast was a hearty bowl of oatmeal.
It was maple and brown sugar flavored and I added raisins and a dollop of "White Chocolate Wonderful" peanut butter to make a lovely little smile.

The peanut butter made it sooo yummy.

The oatmeal held me over for a while and then I had a late lunch of leftover chicken sausage.
I mixed it with baby spinach, light peppercorn ranch dressing, and feta. It was so delicious but went way too quickly and didn't fill me up as much as I would have liked.

I snacked on these to hold me over until dinner.
They've been in the cabinet for a few months now so they were a bit stale and lacking flavor but kept me satisfied for a bit.

Dinner was a turkey and tomato wrap with some chips.
Boring, but tasty. I was really excited about this turkey actually because when it comes to cold cuts I'm a Boar's Head snob (if you've had it, you'd understand) and I finally gave in and bought Oscar Mayer brand. It's no Boar's Head but it's not bad and I will definitely buy it again. With my wrap I had some Jalapeno Ranch Doritos which are definitely not healthy (but really delicious) so I made sure to only have a few.

My new job starts tomorrow so it is stress city here. I've been unhealthily lazy to try and make the day go as slowly as possible and to take advantage of my last day being able to do NOTHING!!
Ah, wish me luck...


  1. Good Luck! Try not to stress. I'm sure you'll do great. If you're still interested in the shoes I mentioned, the brand is Dansko.

    I was going to buy some high-end peanut butter for everyone for Christmas. Check out PB Loco. They have amazing flavors: White Choc Raspberry, Jungle Banana, etc.

  2. I love melba toast and Boar's Head - when I buy deli meat I am also a snob!

    Good luck!