January 10, 2010

A Productive Day...of Good Eats

Today was productive!

I started the morning off with some red grapes and a blueberry Special K bar.
I was going to add a glass of OJ but Bryan got Orange-Pineapple flavored and I'm not a huge fan.

First we (finally) took down our Christmas tree.
Our adorable little tree that is now in storage :(

Then we did laundry.. fun fun! It was long overdue! And then I even managed to get in my usual workout.

Lunch was tiny tuna melts.
I toasted the party size pumpernickel bread with tuna and a little shredded cheddar and I had a pickle and Southwestern Ranch baked chips on the side. I added a little salt and onion powder to my tuna for a little more flavor. This meal was GREAT! The pumpernickel is awesome and the perfect size and the baked chips are really flavorful.

For dinner I made a quesadilla on a whole-wheat wrap.
I filled it with pepperjack cheese, baby spinach, and red onion. Pepperjack cheese is easily one of my favorite cheeses! This was so tasty I didn't even need any dipping sauces which is very rare for me! On the side I had a Garden Vegetable Medley by Green Giant.
I love this veggies! They are marinated in a light delicious sauce.

I had chocolate mousse for dessert.
It was even better than the caramel. Light and fluffy...YUM! And have I mentioned these are only 60 calories?

Quick Old Navy plug...
Up until a few weeks ago I hadn't shopped at Old Navy in years. I always notice their commercials with great deals, so I decided to finally look there for some pants for work. I found a pair of brown pants that fit really great. I wanted to get a few more pairs but was holding off until I got my first paycheck, so how excited was I when two pairs, in gray and khaki, arrived in the mail just the other day?! My mom surprised me and ordered them for me ! Isn't that awesome?! Thanks mom!!

I was so thrilled with my success with Old Navy that I stopped there last night to pick up a few things. I got a stainless steel water bottle (yay) for three dollars! I also got yoga pants, and because I'm so short I can fit into girls and only had to spend seven bucks on them!

About to watch The Blind Side with Bryan..heard it's good!


  1. oh man i LOVE old navy!!
    AND THE BLINDSIDE!! oh my gosh..best movie ever!! i love productive days..they feel so great!

  2. love it !! also, good move on the pumpernickel - just read about it in one of my health magazines - it was recommended as an alternative - the darker the bread, the more nutrients -
    Also, very cool move on your mom's part, but I'm not surprised-- she does stuff like that!! you think she loves you just a little???!!!! xooxox have a great Monday - love you

  3. ....also - I just got this hot chocolate mix called Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets - it's 25 calories and 2 grams of sugar and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!! ok, it's no homemade hot chocolate but for an after dinner sweet tooth, it's perfect!!! plus, it'll keep you nice and toasty !!!

  4. I don't eat tuna. But that pumpernickel bread looks great. I'd eat it with chicken salad instead. ;)

    Glad you don't have to use your Dunder Mifflin water bottle at work! I was tempted to buy a water bottle for you at Target on Saturday when I saw all of their cute designs.