January 19, 2010

Tiring Tuesday!

Just got home, more than 12 hours after I left :( Classes started today which means a long, non-stop day for me...and to make matters worse, work was busy busy busy! Endless runny noses and poopy diapers! I am SO tired!

I began my day with oats.
I had a bowl of maple and brown sugar flavored instant oatmeal...no toppings or anything. Very simple, very delicious.

Lunch (of course photographed by the man who makes my lunch daily) was, as planned, another Italian herb chik'n patty with roasted red pep bruschetta.
I also had baked chips and fresh broccoli dipped in garlic hummus. Yum!

I came home to a surprise dinner! Yay!
There was not ONE but TWO dinners waiting for me in the fridge! Bryan wanted to give me options :) I chose a turkey burger over a seafood sausage which I also tasted and was super good. The turkey burgers were homemade and I'm not exactly sure what was in there but I definitely tasted bbq sauce. Whatever the combination was, the flavor was awesome. I broke a burger up and put it on tiny pumpernickels and topped some with spicy mustard and some with roasted garlic honey bbq sauce. DE-LICIOUS! WOW! There were extras in the fridge and it was so hard to not go back for more. I'll definitely be having leftovers for tomorrow's lunch :) I also had some veggies on the side that Bryan sauteed in lots of spices. Also great!

I think I'll have some more dried berries for dessert.

So tired...to work out or not work out....


  1. that burger sounds awesome! I love that tiny bread! its SO CUTE!

  2. Work out! Even just for 10 minutes. :) You can do it, Jenna.

    I love that Bryan plates your lunch to take a picture. Then packs it. Now that is true love!

  3. What a busy day! Preschoolers are exhausting....and then you have to go to class! I think its okay if blogging falls by the wayside when things get crazy.

    Thanks fro reading my blog :)

  4. Had such a tiring Tuesday too! Can definitely relate! Hope you got some good rest last night! :)