January 12, 2010

Food & Fitness

More oats this morning.
I had the cinnamon and spice as planned (with some PB) and it was just as delicious. I eat my oatmeal thick so it reminded me of cookie dough!

For lunch I put a little cracked chili pepper hummus on the tiny slices of pumpernickel and topped it with pepperjack cheese.
This was a little boring for me. The pumpernickel flavor kind of hid the pepperjack cheese and I wasn't really satisfied nor was I full! I ate baked chips and grapes on the side but my tummy still wanted more!

So, I was very excited to make dinner!
The quesadilla is a repeat of the other night...whole wheat tortilla, pepperjack, baby spinach, and red onion...but it was exactly what I was craving. It had the perfect amount of ooey gooey cheesiness and was just plain tasty. I ate it with some fruit (grapes, raspberries, and blackberries) and cucumbers on the side. A simple but Fantastic meal!

I'm trying to get myself off the couch to do a workout now, but playing with those tots really takes a lot out of me! A usual workout for me consists of a using my 5 lb weights on each arm, 20 reps at a time, in a few different directions. I do leg lifts and crunches, also usually a set of 20 at a time. How many sets I do of everything really depends on how I feel throughout. I also throw in a few other tae bo moves like roundhouse kicks, jabs and....things like this: Tae bo and then call it a day. It's not much and I'd love to get some cardio in there but like I said after nine hours with two year olds I am really pooped!! So, here's where your input can really help! I stay away from gyms and I am really tired at the end of the day, do you have any tips for at-home, moderately easy fitness??


  1. ok, you asked for it - I'm the President of the "I Hate Gyms So I Work Out at Home" club... so....here goes
    Here's some relatively easy stuff to do at home - (also, get 3 lb weights as well and up your reps to between 60 & 100 - trust me - the fives will get way too heavy -
    CARDIO: - jog in place - 1 minute
    - jump rope (if you don't have one, simulate the movement - 1 minute
    - jog in place but bring knees up as high as you can - 1 minute
    - mountain climbers - 1 minute (see video that I will e-mail you)

    STRENGTH: - Push Ups - modified (knees on floor) if you can't do regular push ups - do as many as you can - aim for 10 to start but do as many as you can
    - walking or stationary lunges - (in e-mail that I'll send you as well) - 2 reps of 20 on each leg - alternating (20left 20 right, 20 left, 20 right)
    - and the tried and true - CRUNCHES! - (make sure your hands are behind your neck and not your head and look to the ceiling) shoot for 100 and do more if you have it in you!

    OK, that's it for now -

  2. ok Marie Zam, just reading that was my exercise for the day!

  3. I could give you tons of tips. But for now I'll only list a few.

    1. Hold a plank for 30-60 seconds, 3 times. Great core workout!
    2. If you have InDemand, some of Exercise TV's yoga workouts are less than 20 minutes and easy, but a nice way to streeeetch your muscles.
    3. Squats holding your 5 lb weights, try to do 50 at a time so you really feel it

  4. Oops, meant if you have OnDemand.

    You can also get workouts online through Netflix. :)

  5. That quesadilla sounds delicious! This used to be my staple meal in college, my freshman year! Haha...now, I think I'm a bit better (and healthier!) with how I make my quesadillas! Yum! ;)