January 2, 2010

Let the blogging begin!

Bryan and I are watching Julie & Julia, all about cooking, eating, and blogging, so I thought it was a great time to update!

I started my day off with a Clementine...
We got a whole crate of them for Christmas from our landlord and this one wasn't as sweet or juicy as the rest have been so I think they may be in their final days :(

For lunch I made a veggie and cheese wrap.
The wrap consisted of baby spinach, a slice of provolone cheese, roasted red pepper bruschetta (my newest obsession), red onion, and tomato and basil feta cheese. I had some roasted red pepper hummus on the side for dipping. DELICIOUS! It reminded me of the Leonardo da Veggie from Bruegger's...only better!

Throughout the afternoon I snacked on some Christmasy M&M's.
I'm ususally not a big fan of these but I've had such a sweet tooth all day so they really hit the spot. Isn't the candy dish fancy? It was an engagement gift. I love it!

Tonight's dinner plan was scallops and guacamole, but after we discovered that Wegman's was down to two mushy avocados and all out of fresh scallops, we scratched that idea. It took us a while to come up with something else, but finally we decided on chicken sausage.
I've wanted to try chicken sausage for a while and I'm SO glad I finally did. The sausage was fire roasted tomato and basil flavored and it was so very tasty. Bryan sauteed some veggies in oil and different spices for a side dish. Overall, a great meal!

I still have that sweet tooth so for dessert I had caramel mousse.
This was great! It had a flan-like consistency and even thought I'm not crazy about flan, I really liked this.

According to weather.com wintry weather is headed our way which means that our frigid apartment (we keep the thermostats around 50/60 degrees to save money) will only get colder :( Thank goodness for slipper socks!


  1. Welcome to my world!!! LOL. Loved seing your eats for today.

    I wish we could send our extra space heater to you and Bryan so you guys don't freeze. Go snuggle with Ellie!

  2. Thanks for visiting, great to meet new bloggers in the area :)