January 11, 2010

If Bryan named this entry it would be titled "I Galloped Home for Some Scallops!"

Today I used an instant packet of oatmeal (I have plain oats but was feeling lazy). I'm out of maple and brown sugar flavored and did NOT like the apple and cinnamon so I reluctantly opted for the cinnamon and spice.
I mixed it with a tiny bit of peanut butter. I wasn't thrilled with the first bite but the more I ate the more I liked it and by the end it reminded me of some kind of Christmasy spiced cookie. I can't wait for more tomorrow!

For lunch I made tiny pumpernickel sandwiches.
Two were filled with cracked chili pepper hummus and tomatoes and two were filled with lite veggie cream cheese and cucumbers. I loved these! I could have probably eaten more because both combinations were so tasty but with some grapes and baked chips on the side I was sufficiently full.

Dinner was scallops tossed in a sea salt and white pepper flour mixture and pan-seared in Wegman's basting oil.
They were absolutely delicious on their own but we topped them with some homemade guacamole. (Bryan makes the BEST!)
I ate about half the plate! But hey, scallops are healthy, right?

I'm skipping my workout today because I have a terrible headache and a definite case of the Mondays...not too mention this is the only night of the week I get to see my fiance before 11pm!!

Quick movie review...
The Blind Side was really good. Definitely tugs at your heartstrings! In Bryan's words, it was "nice". It's not the kind of movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Perfect movie for someone like me!


  1. my mouth is watering for those scallops !!! they look great !!! I wish we lived closer to you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now those are tiny sandwiches I would eat. Haha.

    My latest oatmeal topping is frozen berries. I microwave a cup of frozen mixed berries and then dump them on top of my oatmeal. just in case you're looking for something new. :)

  3. we're having trouble finding frozen berries in wegmans!

  4. YUMMMMMM those scallops look good girl!!
    i dont like the apple and cinna oatmeal either at all. those sandwiches-ADORABLE! what kind of bread is that?