January 9, 2010

Saturday Splurge

I woke up HUNGRY!!!
I made myself a nice bowl of oats as I had planned with more Ovaltine and less peanut butter. YUMMY!

I went food shopping at Wegman's today and decided to take a shot of some of my purchases.
These are some regulars and some new things I decided to try like the teeny tiny slices of pumpernickel bread (adorable!), Kashi pizza, and ranch yogurt dressing.

Lunch was one of my favorite meals, portabello burgers.
I love portabello mushrooms, they're healthy, they always fill me up, and they are so tasty. One of the great things about this meal is I can vary it with so many different toppings. This time I used the roasted red pepper bruschetta mixed with a tiny bit of mayo to make it a bit creamier. Other times I've used pesto, feta, or fresh bruschetta...all great!

On the side I had some baby carrots and gave the ranch yogurt dressing a try.
It was OK. I bought it because it's much healthier than regular dressing but it definitely had a yogurt-like taste which I was not crazy about.

Whenever I diet I allow myself one splurge meal a week, when I allow myself to forget about counting calories and eat whatever my heart desires. Today was a perfect day for that. Thanks to Kang Jang (some herb my parents swear by to fight colds) I've been feeling much better. We made plans with our good friends Mike and Sarah to go to
I felt a little awkward about taking pics in the restaurant so the food probably doesn' look as good as it could have!

Bryan and I ordered Buffalo calamari for our appetizer.
I was a little nervous about our choice because calamari is usually hit or miss depending on where you go but this was fantastic! We got the crumbled blue cheese on the side because Bryan is anti-cheese but of course I smothered my portion in it. I LOVE blue cheese.

I should have just gotten another order of the calamari because it was so delicious and I was still in the mood for buffalo but instead I got a buffalo chicken sandwich with a side of coleslaw.
In an effort to be slightly healthier I got the chicken on a wheat roll but I was very disappointed with my choice. I took the chicken off and ate it without the bread, and dipped in lots of blue cheese of course.

This was Bryan's meal...
A burger with bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and meaty hot sauce. He got sweet potato fries on the side. I'm usually not a huge fan of these but they were really great...I stole quite a few!

After dinner we discovered how truly awesome me and Sarah are at bowling.
Check out those top two scores...we both only managed gutter balls on that frame! Go us!

Some action shots...
And pretty shoes!

(Side note, Bryan loves that outfit, it was featured in the blog two days ago, haha!)

It was a great time. We don't get to see them very often because they go to school in Fredonia so I'm really glad I was feeling up to going out!

On the way home we were super thirsty so we decided to stop at Taco Bell to quench our thirsts.
Seriously, how much better is fountain soda than bottled or canned? No comparison! I usually only drink water so it was great to fill my diet coke craving tonight.

In fitness news...I've been making a big effort to exercise. I'm still not doing anything too intense but I've been doing a lot of ab and arm work. I've even found that I can't sit at my computer more than ten minutes or so without doing a few reps with my 5 pound weights. It feels good! Go me!


  1. i loveee foutain soda! nothing like good carbonation! im TERRIBLE at bowling-like seriously.. i need the bumpers BAD! i love buffalo chicken!

  2. They wouldn't let us have bumpers!! I was so mad. They said we were too old haha!

  3. What a fun Saturday night out. Bowling totally counts as exercise! The last time I went, my arm was SO sore the next day.

  4. you obviously didn't get your fathers bowling skills!! and thanks to your pictures, I have never wanted to have a giant fat laden burger so bad in my life. I wonder if MyFitnessPal will even have the calorie count for that or maybe they'll just kick me off the site !!!

    xoxoxoxoxo love you - have a good weekend - can't wait for your next post !!!