January 24, 2010

Feelin Productive!

By about 9:30 last night Bryan and I were both satisfied with the amount of homework we got done so we salvaged the evening and watched 500 Days of Summer.

For our movie snack we decided to pop some popcorn that his brother and brother's girlfriend, Jared and Melissa, got us for Christmas.

I was finishing up some reading when I heard Bryan laughing out loud in the kitchen at the sight of an overwhelming amount of popcorn being popped.

The finished product in the lovely popcorn bowl, also from Melissa and Jared:

The popcorn kit came with three unique seasonings...
I tried the Asiago and Cracked Pepper on a small portion just for me since Bryan doesn't like cheese. It was SO TASTY! Packed with flavor! Bryan and I used the Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn flavor on the rest of the bowl and it was also great. We practically plowed through the whole bowl within the first few minutes of the movie.

Bryan and I agreed that movie was just OK. I had heard some really great reviews and probably built my expectations up too high. The directing was very unique, though...and Lots of clever editing.

I began this morning with a Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin.
DELICIOUS! Easily a 9/10. It tasted like a brownie smothered in chocolate sauce. Contrary to Bryan's comment yesterday, I could not believe this was only 100 calories. I felt like I was splurging. It was more like dessert than breakfast...no complaints here though!

After breakfast and some reading for class I did some arm work. I did the reps much slower than usual and it made a huge difference. I could really feel my muscles being worked out. I was in pain by the end! I did a couple sets of crunches and also tried this out...

100 Calories in 10 Minutes
  • 1 minute - Brisk walk or march in place
  • 1 minute - Light jog outside, around the house or in place
  • 1 minute - Jumping jacks
  • 1 minute - Long jumps - jump forward, landing with both feet
  • 1 minute - Light jog
  • 1 minute - Jumping jacks
  • 1 minute - Squat and kick, alternating legs
  • 1 minute - Light jog
  • 1 minute - Long jumps
  • 1 minute - Brisk walk to cool down
This was awesome but really made me feel out of shape! I could not believe I was only burning 100 cals...I was sweaty and exhausted after. I liked it a lot though and hope to get in a least one or two more of these workouts today.


  1. I had no idea that your fiance is Melissa's boyfriend's brother?! :) Such a small world!

  2. I love kettle corn! Just the other day I was thinking about popcorn - I haven't had it in forever. Haven't seen that movie yet...sorry it wasn' the best!

  3. Glad you liked the popcorn!

    I'm going to share that 10 minute workout with my coworkers. My boss wants to lose 50 pounds but says she can't find time to exercise. I've been telling her to fit in a few minutes of fitness throughout the day. Your plan sounds perfect!

  4. Making popcorn on the stove is so fun! I'm not a big popcorn person, but I'd eat that :)

  5. Where can you buy Vitatops. They look so good!