January 21, 2010


Thank God it's Thursday! I have Fridays off so it is now the weekend for me! Yay!

I had oatmeal again this morning and decided to take a picture of the ingredients so I wouldn't bore you with a picture you've seen a million times!
I used maple and brown sugar oatmeal (Walmart brand..I'm on a budget!) and added some white chocolate wonderful PB.

Bryan took a very artistic picture of my lunch today.
Doesn't it actually look like art? Adorable, haha. I had two tiny turkey and tomato sandwiches with a dab of light parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing, cucumber slices, a cut up gala apple, and monteray jalapeno cheese. Everything was delicious. I ate the cheese and apple together which was a very yummy combination of sweet and spicy.

Class was so long and went I got home I was famished! I texted Bryan and asked him to have this waiting for me.
I had a whole-wheat wrap with light veggie cream cheese, roasted red pepper bruschetta (all out of it now, so sad!) and a couple slices of turkey. If you think this sounds plain, I dare you to try it. It was delectable. So much flavor, I didn't want it to be over! I had some broccoli dipped in light dressing on the side and tried a second flavor of popchips. I went with the sea salt & vinegar and thought they were good, but that they didn't live up to the amazingness of the salt and pepper flavor. The vinegar taste was a little strong for me. While they wouldn't be my first pick, I'll stick take them over regular chips merely for the nutritional value!

While I was eating dried berries and fresh blackberries for dessert I talked Bryan into breaking open a bag of Newman-O's.
These are basically their version of Oreos. I snuck a tiny bite and Bryan and I both agreed that these tasted just like the competitor and are a much healthier choice. It will be hard to not snack on these all weekend!

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  1. I can't take you guys!! you're TOO cute!!! and I LOVE the pictures of the food!! and yes, it really DOES look like art!!! (can you actually hear my voice RAISE when I CAPITALIZE words??? I want those Newman's cookies!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!