January 15, 2010

Jam-Packed Post!

So where to start off...

I didn't update yesterday because Bryan and I came home (to Westchester) for the weekend so the evening was spent in a car...for five hours...boo!

Yesterday's breakfast and dinner were repeats of the day before so I skipped the pics.

Lunch was also a repeat of past eats but Bryan made it look oh so fancy!
Baby spinach, roasted red pep bruschetta, red onion and feta on a wrap, and cucs and baked chips on the side. Yum!

During the drive I had a really big craving for juice. This was new for me because I usually only drink water and am not big on sweet drinks. To quench my thirst we stopped at gas station to buy drinks. Since I'm not a juice drinker I felt a little overwhelmed with all of the different brands and flavors but I was really happy with my choice...
Fuze! It was strawberry melon flavored and was only 20 calories for the whole drink! (Note the name Slenderize) It was sweet but didn't have that yucky sugary taste and was actually quite refreshing.

Today I skipped breakfast (I know, I know) because I had a couple early doctors appointments and my tummy was simply not in the mood for food.

I have been having a lot of headaches lately so I decided to let my doctor know just to make sure it's nothing serious. She concluded that my headaches are mostly due to STRESS and TMJ :( She recommended a few specialists but her main advice was to 1) see dentist about a mouth guard for grinding my teeth at night (ugh!) and 2) to RELAX. The second one is so much easier said than done!

By the time I got home I was starving! Before I ate though, I had to break into the AWESOME
package Newman's Own Organics sent me!!!
Believe it or not, this is just a small sample of all the great stuff. They sent lots of dried fruit, chocolate, soy crisps, pretzels, cookies, even mints!

It was so hard to not open everything at once. I started with pretzel sticks and barbecue soy crips. I love my salty snacks!
Both were SO tasty! The pretzels have a perfect mix of sweet and salty flavors. I was dipping them in hummus but then realized how delicious they were just on their own. And they are addicting!!! The soy crisps were great too-- so light and airy, yet very very satisfying. I love barbecue chips so this is an awesome healthy alternative...only 110 calories per serving.

I ate them with my lunch which was a Morningstar farms black bean burger.
I topped it with cheddar cheese. And then I had some more cheese on the side. I can't get enough cheeeese!

After lunch Bryan and I were exhausted. We didn't get in until after eleven last night and I was up early to get my brother up for school so we decided to take a nice little afternoon nap. Too bad it was one of those naps that leaves you even more tired!!

After our not so refreshing nap we headed over to the hospital to visit my grandma who is recovering from open heart surgery. She's in the ICU so it brought back some not so fond memories of visiting my grandpa there this summer before he passed away. Hospitals are not fun. :(

We came home hungry and Bryan got right to making tilapia for dinner.
I've never been a huge fan of this fish because it's...well, fishy...but it was in the freezer and it's healthy so I thought it was a good choice.

While Bryan was cooking I tried to get in some fitness. I did some crunches, lunges, and squats, and some lifting with my 5 pounders. My goal was to use my weights in the car last night so I could at least get some arm work in, but instead I fell asleep. Oops!

We made fish tacos!
I topped mine with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion (can you tell I like onions?) and cheddar cheese. I dipped it in Ortega taco sauce. Not surprisingly, it was a tad too fishy but all my toppings plus the sauce made it very tasty. I had one taco and my fiance with a super fast metabolism (jealous!) ate four!

Bryan tried out some of the Newman's Own Organics chocolate for dessert...mocha milk chocolate flavored.
He said... "It was fantastic! It was creamy and had a really rich coffee taste but at the same time wasn't overwhelming. It was a perfect piece of chocolate!" He seriously could not have said more good things about this, he was raving all day! I'm not a huge sweets person but I will definitely have to give it a try.

For now I will stick to my pretzels...still eating them :) I swear, whenever I'm home visiting I go into super snack mode and am always searching through the fridge and the cabinets looking for something to eat. Anyone else feel that way?

Really looking forward to splurging tomorrow..haven't decided on what yet though! Stay tuned!

Again... a HUGE thanks to Newman's Own Organics!


  1. I need to try that Mocha Chocolate - I love coffee and chocolate together!

    I have never had fish tacos - I bet it is something I would love!

  2. You can get a night guard at CVS for much cheaper than getting one made at the dentist. It won't be custom-fit but it will do the trick for now.

  3. so glad you posted bout the BBQ soycrisps bc im bout to open mine! did you try the cinnamon sugar ones yet? those are AWESOMEEEE!!
    fish tacos sound GREAT!!
    and i have TMJ as well