February 24, 2010

Crazy for PB and J?

Sorta. But more on that later.

Today was a LONG day. My Wednesday class is early because it is an after school reading clinic but it is always super stressful because I have to plan lessons and work with a student. On top of that, after clinic I had to tutor a different student for another class. Longgg long long. Phew. Glad it's almost over!

Today's breakfast was kinda lame, kinda last minute, and kinda good!
Fresh green grapes and a vanilla Speciak K bar.

Lunch. was. amazing.
There was broccoli and dip, and pretzels, and then...there was...the sandwich. Now, I'm a turkey and cheese kinda girl. I love my salts. Peanut butter and jelly has always seemed like dessert to me, but for some odd reason I've been craving it for lunch lately. So, I decided to take a big risk and have myself a pb&j sandwich . Now, there was a twist. I used Naturally More peanut butter and apple butter (which is apple jelly) instead of jelly or jam. And the outcome? Magical. I want to eat this over and over and over again! The grittiness of the peanut butter and the cinnamonyness of the apple butter totally put it over the top. Oh sweet pb&j goodnessssss!

Dinner didn't hold a candle to my lunch but for a frozen meal it was still good.
I had a Lean Cuisine...bowtie pasta in a fire-roasted tomato sauce. Not great, but not bad. I'd probably have this again. I also had some veggies and sweet roasted pepper hummus on the side. I topped my meal off with some frozen green grapes.

Getting ready to do AbJam...don't have a lot of time but wanted to get in some kind of exercise.

Anyone else freakin out about this storm headed our way?

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  1. My hummus was from Trader Joe's. I told Jared to pick a flavor...and that's what we came home with.

    I used to eat a few frozen meals each week. I had to make a huge effort to stop buying them...but I'm so glad I did. Not that tasty and too much sodium.