February 19, 2010

Eats with the fam.

Today did not start off well....

I woke up with my eyes crusty, itchy, and stuck together. (I know, Yuck.) NOT a good sign when three kiddos went home with pink eye yesterday! I got right on it and had my doctor call in a prescription for me just to be safe.

Things got a little better with some breakfast.
I had a whole-wheat Arnold thin dipped in Naturally More almond butter, with some raisins on the side. I've wanted to try almond butter for so long! I don't think I like it more than peanut butter, but I definitely like it. Great taste! 8/10

After breakfast my mom took Bryan and I on a little Wegman's shopping spree. She insisted we stock up on lots of goodies. She spoils us :)

When we got back I made up some sams for the fam.
This is a pic of my mom's...a whole-wheat thin with spinach and artichoke cream cheese, cracked pepper turkey, fresh mozzarella, lettuce and tomato. I had the same minus the lettuce and mozz.

She also made herself a little side salad.

Tonight Bryan cooked a magnificent dinner for us all...
We had a feast of shrimp cocktail, Ahi tuna steaks, pan-seared scallops, sesame asparagus, an Asian vegetable medley, and rice. YUM-MY! Bryan made this awesome Teriyaki/soy sauce dipping sauce which everyone was raving about. Great meal!!! Thanks babe :)

While everyone was enjoying a dessert of chocolate cake and ice cream,
I settled for a less exciting but still tasty dessert of frozen Crystal Light pops!
I had the raspberry flavor and it was really good! I'm definitely gonna try out that cake tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna take a day off from working out. I still don't feel great, plus I am pretty sore from the rest of the week. Tomorrow I'll get back on track :)

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  1. you should have posted a picture of your gooey crusty eyes too !!!!!!! (gag)!!!
    The dinner looked awesome and I heard it was GREAT!!! have fun tonight at Black & Blue !!!!