February 15, 2010

Feels like a Sunday.

It's great to have a day off but it feels like a Sunday which means I've got that ... stressed out that work and school are tomorrow ... feeling. On top of that I've got this awful cold. I feel like I'm drowning in flem! Pretty, right?

Breakfast was a raisinbran Vitatop...I forgot to take a picture, oops! I was not a huge fan of this..there was a weird aftertaste that almost tasted soapy. Bleh!

Even though I was feeling icky I decided to do TurboSculpt. About half way through I felt really sick so I took a break for lunch and finished the rest after. It wasn't ideal but I was proud of myself for working out even though I wasn't feeling good.

For lunch I was torn between not wanting to waste my leftovers and not wanting to eat unhealthily so I picked out the leftover chicken and veggies
and tossed the pasta. I thought it was a pretty good compromise. I also had a little bit of my omelette leftovers.

Dinner was some blue chips and roasted pepper hummus (mixed with sriracha)

and Green Giant veggie medley mixed with pepper, garlic, and tomato and basil feta.
I was trying to save my more "exciting" food options for later in the week...and I actually really enjoyed this meal!!

For dessert I had a raspberry fruit bar...

and a delicious Gala apple.
Wish I bought more of these on my last shopping trip!

I was still feeling really under the weather so I skipped class tonight. Once I was feeling up to it I did a 20 minute cardio workout. I always laugh to myself when the instructor, Chalene, tells me it will be the best 20 minutes of my day but I really did feel better after! I love this workout... it's the perfect length and makes me work hard but not too hard. I've been really happy with my fitness over the past week. Getting back in shape has also gotten me thinking about my swimming days (I was a swimmer in high school) and I wish there was a pool around here where I could swim laps! Swimming is such great exercise!

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention... Bryan LOVED loved loved his Chocomize bars. I may have snuck a bite myself and have to say they were very tasty. I love the idea of designing a custom chocolate bar for someone and I will definitely be giving Chocomize my business again :)

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