February 21, 2010

Saturday SPLURGE!

Day two of no exercising plus overeating? Not so good. But oh well. Life's too short..right? Tomorrow will be better.

I started my day off with some healthy eats.

First I had a strawberry Special K bar to hold me over while I took my car in for an oil change.

When I got home I made myself a hearty bowl of oats with dark chocolate dreams and dried cranberries.
Simply delicious. On the side I had a tangerine. As I started peeling it I googled the difference between clementines and tangerines. Google wasn't very helpful but after my first bite I remembered: tangerines have seeds! Ugh!!! The worst. I couldn't deal with them and wound up tossing it.

After breakfast Bryan and I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond with my mom to add some things to our wedding registry. It was a little stressful but very fun. I am super excited about our dinnerware!

While I was shopping I really worked up an appetite so when I got home I snacked on some leftover shrimp cocktail and fresh mozzarella. (Didn't take pictures)

Then around 4:45 we headed out for a family dinner (my family and Bryan's fam...love when we all get together!) at Black & Blue Steak and Crab. What a fabulous place to splurge!

It was dark so the picture quality isn't great, and it was all so delicious that I kept forgetting to take pictures until half way through, so these photos do Not do the food justice!

We started off with some amazing apps...
Fried calamari salad with sun-dried tomatoes and bell peppers.
Kobe meatballs in a roasted garlic cream sauce.
A little of everything, including a crab cake. We also had potato croquettes which were stuffed with chorizo, piquillo peppers, and pepper jack cheese with a tamarind bbq sauce. SO GOOD!

I knew this might be a little rough on my tummy but there was no way I wasn't getting steak at Black & Blue! I had the 8 oz filet mignon...
Cooked medium rare with horseradish cream on the side. Couldn't even wait to take a picture before I cut into to this beautiful piece of meat. Melt in your mouth GOOD.

I had cream spinach on the side
and shared some of my mom's garlic mashed potatoes.
The spinach and potatoes mixed together were a delicious combination. I also tried some of my brother's Vidalia onion rings which were as big as they were tasty.

Of course there was room for dessert!
Bryan and I split chocolate creme brulee. DE-LISH.

As if I wasn't already stuffed to capacity I may or may not have helped myself to a serving of that wonderful chocolate cake that was featured in Friday's post. I didn't take a picture because I think I was in denial that I was STILL eating!

Overall a great meal with great company. Sad that my family is leaving today!

Now on to a very stressful Sunday of schoolwork! BUMMER!

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