February 26, 2010

More eats.

Some more of Friday's eats...

Dinner was a quesadilla.
Made with hummus and sriracha, baby spinach, red onion, and swiss cheese.
Mmmm, there is something just so good about gooey, melty cheese. YUM!

After dinner I did another 10 cals in 10 minute workout and modified it a little bit again. My plan is to do TurboSculpt tonight so I wanted to get my cardio in!

For dessert I made something I had been craving ever since my magical pb&j experience.
Peanut butter (Naturally More) and apple butter oats!
All mixed up together. This was delicious, but the pb flavor was a tad overwhelming. Not complaining, because Naturally More is amazing, but next time I'll use a little more apple butter to make sure I get the perfect combo.

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