February 4, 2010

I'm back....Again!

So I must have jinxed myself because once I started to get back into the swing of things I got sick again!

Tuesday night I was coming up from a crunch and got a huge wave of dizziness. It kept up through the rest of the night and then I started to feel nauseous too so I called it a very early night. Wednesday I woke up feeling like I was hit with a ton of bricks. I felt better by lunch but after dinner I was back to feeling awful! Worse than the night before! Ugh! I'm headed to the doctor's tomorrow. So, needless to say my fitness got put on the back burner. Let me update you on my eats at least.

Wednesday's breakfast was a CranBran Vitatop.
I toasted it instead of microwaving it and even though I left it in a tad too long, it was much better this way! I actually liked that the edges were a little crispy.

Lunch was...
slices of turkey and reduced fat pepperjack cheese, broccoli dipped in lite honey mustard, blueberries, and popchips. I have to say, I've been fairly pleased with the Oscar Mayer turkey but for whatever reason this batch was bland! No taste at all! I was also a little disappointed with the cheese because it seemed reduced in flavor because of the reduced fat. But, overall, a decent lunch.

Forgot to photograph my dinner til halfway through...
Gotta stop doing that! Portobella "burgers" with pesto. Very yummy, but I was still hungry after. I dipped part of a wrap in the leftover pesto and also snacked on blue chips and chipotle hummus. I finished everything off with a Vitabrownie.
Liked it better than the first time!

I had another Vitatop this morning due to pure laziness...
But it was a good choice! I went with Appleberry and toasted it and it was delish.

Today's lunch.
Bryan's pictures are so much better than mine! This beautiful dish was very satisfying. The wrap (whole-wheat wrap with baby spinach, red onion, roasted red pep bruschetta and feta) was SO good. Much better than my turkey wraps earlier this week. I love how it's vegetarian and it's still so full of flavor. I also had broccoli dipped in lite parm peppercorn dressing, N.O.O pretzels, and berries. Yum!

(Wish Bryan could photograph all my meals! This one's so lame!) I had a Morningstar Farms black bean burger with a Sriracha/ketchup mix to dip, some reduced fat pepperjack, pickles, and bbq popchips. This meal was ready in about five minutes and gone in probably even less than that. It was great but I'm back to feeling yucky. SO frustrating!

I want to try out my turbojam dvds!!! GRRRR!

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  1. okay def trying the bbq popchips after seeing them on here!