February 23, 2010

Tuesday with a suprise ending.

Today started out pretty normally.

I had some vanilla pudding mixed with blueberries.
So fresh and so sweet (sweet!) Outkast? Memba them?

Anyways, I had my favorite sandwich combo for lunch...
Turkey and spinach and artichoke cream cheese. Yummm as always. Seriously how have I lived this long without this cream cheese? It's heavenly. I also had some bbq popchips and cucs and yogurt ranch on the side.

My plan for after work was to go to a painfully long class (eat dinner there), stock up on some necessities at Wegman's, work out, blog, and do homework. Then came the surprise ending....class was cancelled! Woo! So I got to do everything on my list about 2 hours earlier :)

Here's a little peek into my dinner salad:
I had a baby spinach mix with a black bean burger, shredded cheddar, and red onions. I topped it with a dressing made of yogurt ranch and taco sauce. Delish! But..didn't keep me full for too long.

Then I snacked on an apple, almonds, raisins, and dark chocolate (all unpictured, oops!) and then finished off my eats with a Cranbran Vitatop.
I wasn't thrilled with my choice at first but pretty soon it was like a party in my mouth.

On the schedule for tonight: Cardio party, homewoooork, bed!


  1. i love what you did w. the vanilla pudding!! i need to give that vitatop another chance too! im about to eat a banana nut one :)

  2. I think the mint vita tops are my fave! too bad they aren't in stores.

  3. I love the cran bran vita top!!! Have those in my freezer right now but I need to find the choc mint ones!!! Im just not wanting to order online but might have to!!

    Oh the asian medley veggies cold rock as well!! Glad someone else eats their veggies cold leftover too!! Muah!!!

  4. spinach and artichoke cream cheese sounds good!what kind is it?

  5. It's the best. Philadelphia brand actually!