February 14, 2010

Weekend recap! Thus far...

Last night's dinner was a Morningstar Farms Italian herb chik'n patty with roasted red pepper bruschetta on a whole-wheat wrap.
On the side I had carrot sticks with yogurt ranch dressing and reduced fat pepperjack. Simple and tasty.

I also snacked on this...
A not so healthy chocolate chip granola bar that had been in the cabinet for ages. I was trying to fill up because I knew I'd be having some adult beverages later and alcohol has been a little rough on my tummy lately.

It was bids night for my sorority and all of the alumni go back to celebrate so I dressed myself up...
and headed out for a night of fun.

Update with pics...

Bigs & Littles!

Me with favorites, Sandy & Lauren :)

It was great to see friends who I haven't seen in a while, and my little took a little...making me a big big...so I felt old! I also ate two pieces of pizza (couldn't resist) that failed to get photographed. They were absolutely phenomenal though. I've had "New York" pizza and I swear Mama Mia's (in Geneseo, NY) is the best!

This morning I met up with some of my besties for breakfast.
I had the Greek omelette--feta, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. It came with wheat toast and home fries. This was sooo tasty. I ate half and took the rest home. I love leftovers!

Fitness recap...I did the 20 minute workout yesterday because I was feeling tired and my abs were KILLING me from AbJam. Bryan joined me and had me laughing most of the time because he is so goofy :) It was nice to do a little Valentine's Day workout together! Today I did Cardio Party...got a stomach cramp about 20 minutes through but I was able to pull it together and finish the session and I feel great now!

Super excited about our trip to The Cheesecake Factory tonight! Stay tuned!


  1. Oh Jenna, you look so pretty and look at your buff arms in that pic!!!! Doing great!!! Ah the power of the youth hormone! I'm laughing thinking of Bryan working out with you - I totally get the goofy thing!!!! Have fun at Cheescake Factory (the home of the oversized EVERYTHING!) you'll have leftovers for days!!
    Happy Valentines Day sweetheart!!! xo

  2. PS.....forgot to tell you - found an old friend on FB who works for Clif Bar and he sent me a "care package" - let's just say, I'll be eating Clif and Luna bars for the next year!!! They're the best! Also Paul Newmans Organics sent me a load of coupons for free stuff - !!!!