February 21, 2010

Snacks and Studies

Today was one of those frustrating bottomless pit days where I never felt full. Instead of ignoring my hunger I decided to let myself snack (mostly healthy foods) all day long. I was also fairly productive and got most of my school work done by early afternoon. So, my morning was stressful, but my afternoon was much lazier and fillllllled with eats.

Breakfast was a honey wheat Arnold thin with apple butter.
The apple butter was a new purchase and I was pretty excited about it. To me it tasted like cinnamony applesauce, which wasn't exactly a letdown but it also wasn't what I expected. Still a yummy breakfast though!

For lunch I had some fresh mozzarella and tomato on a wrap...
with N.O.O pretzels and leftover Asian medley veggies on the side. Kinda boring, but pretty satisfying.

Then began the snacking.

I had some almonds that my mom brought up.
I ate way way way more than just these!

Then blueberries.

And then my favorite snack of the day:
An arnold thin dipped in Naturally More peanut butter. Oh man, who knew pb could be so satisfying!

I put together something that kinda resembled a meal for dinner.
I had a couple slices of turkey tenderloin (marinated in some yummy goodness) that Bryan had cooked up earlier with cucs and veggie dip on the side.

Still hungry of course...
So I had some 100 calorie chocolate pretzels. I haven't had these in a while and they were SO GOOD!

After this...(yes, still going) I had some N.O.O. super dark chocolate and a handful of raisins...and then...I was FINALLY FULL!

Thank goodness, because it would have been hard to turn away what is pictured below.

And without further ado, a brief guest post from Bryan.

After seeing some deviled eggs on Food Network's "Best Thing I Ever Ate" and being completely stumped on what to eat for dinner (food block?), I decided to make some deviled eggs of my own. I've made them before, using a recipe I may or may not have found on the back of my ground mustard, and they've turned out okay but not spectacular. Fortunately, the head chef of the restaurant I work at had told me a story of accidentally upstaging someone's deviled eggs at a Super Bowl part by bringing some of his own. His secret: Bearnaise sauce, which is primarily butter and egg. So I decided to add some melted butter to my mix, along with some sriracha, awesomeness. The butter gives them a creamier texture and a fuller taste...love them!

Don't they look good!? Only a very small glimpse into some of the culinary masterpieces my boy cooks up :)

Fitness recap...Finally found my Exercise OnDemand channel...Woo! Bryan and I did a 10 minute ab workout this morning. We tried out a few yoga routines but they were either too tough or too...creepy. Probably going to do Turbo Sculpt later tonight but will definitely be trying out some more OnDemand workouts in the future!

And finally, before I go, some artsy pics of Ellie, courtesy of Bryan.

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  1. i havent had naturally more in forever!! this reminds me.. i gota get some ASAP!! yummmay!
    i love deviled eggs-those look GREAT girl.

  2. I love deviled egs, when i was younger my mom made those for every party, I would cram them!!!

    So glad you entered my giveaway and now I found your blog!!!

    I like your motto, Live To Eat!!!! Love it!!!


  3. Think positive thoughts about you're eating. Since you've been exercising more regularly, your appetite is ok. And you're making nutritious decisions. It's all good.

  4. looove the upclose kitty pic! <3