February 2, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things...

Yesterday felt all out of whack. Sunday was a waste of a day, so I had to try and cram all of Sunday's to-do's into Monday. To make matters worse, I had class til 7:30 and had to run some errands after so I didn't get home until 8 and then had to fit everything in before I went to bed. (I get up at 5am so staying up past 9 o'clock is late for me!) Blah!

So, slowly but surely, I'm getting back to my usual routine...reading blogs, homework, working out, eating normally! ...etc, etc.

Mondays and Tuesdays are rough days in general so my plan is to do light stuff on these days, like lifting weights and crunches, and do actual workouts on the other days of the week. The Turbojam dvds I won came in the mail yesterday (Yay! And another thank you to Andrea!) so I am excited to try them out some time this week.

So, on to eats.

This morning's breakfast was a banana-nut VitaTop. No picture because it looked the same as last time, and it tasted the same too. Only very good, not great. But I was still satisfied.

I had turkey and baby spinach on a whole-wheat wrap, berries, original popchips, and jalapeno hummus. It was about as exciting as it looks. This was my first time trying the jalapeno flavored hummus and I was a little disappointed. To me it tasted like original hummus with a very spicy aftertaste. Not great!

Dinner was better.
Another salad! But it was exactly what I wanted. I had baby spinach (yes, more) with an italian herb chik'n patty (Morningstar Farms), red onion, roasted red pep bruschetta, feta cheese, and light peppercorn parm dressing. This was basically the wrap I eat for lunch a lot, but in salad version. The bruschetta and dressing mixed together which gave it an interesting twist. It was tasty and I wish there was more of it!

I decided to compare Newman's Own Organics white cheddar soy crisps with cheddar popchips. It was kind of a toss-up. If you're looking for the potato chip crunch, ya gotta go with the popchips. However, if you need a snack that's packed with flavor, I would choose the soy crisps. They are loaded with the cheesy goodness that the popchips are slightly lacking in. The nutritional facts are all pretty even (fat, cals, sodium, etc) so it's definitely your preference. If I had to choose, I'd go with the soy crisps for my cheese fix!


  1. I'm happy to see you eat so much spinach- it's so good for you!!!! I wish you could come for dinner tonight - Joe's pizza at Nanny & Pop's- We'll miss you guys!!! But you'll be eating super healthy while I'm stuffing my gullet with pizza and cake !!! xo

  2. yeah, we will miss you. that sub from wegman's looked delicious!