February 28, 2010

Sunday is for SNACKING!

Whenever Sunday rolls around all I want to do is EAT! If I'm not snacking on something, I'm not happy. I'm posting now in the hopes that listing everything I've already eaten will make me stop!!!

I tried out peanut butter and apple butter oats again.
This time I used a teaspoon of pb and a little more than a tablespoon of apple butter. Perfection!

Lunch was my leftover veggie patch pizza.
I am definitely making my own, healthier version of this. It was soo yummy, even cold!

Thus began the snacking.
Popcorn, popped the old fashioned way. I had a bowl topped with asiago and cracked pepper seasoning and a bowl topped with sweet and salty kettle corn seasoning. SO GOOD!

I also snacked on frozen grapes, crackers, and dark chocolate.

A thin with turkey and hummus.

A delectable Double Chocolate Dream Vitatop.

And I still want more food! Blah, I'm a bottomless pit.

In fitness news, I did AbJam and Cardio Party yesterday. I'm taking it easy today because I'm very sore (especially my calves) but I did a 10 minute yoga workout this morning and am gonna do something light later on.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends and please enter the Newman's Own Organics giveaway! I need ten people for it to be fair! Who doesn't want FREE stuff??!

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  1. pizza, popcorn, and a vitatop. ummm yeah hook it up!