February 13, 2010

Food shopping: Highs and Lows

I started out this morning with some Dark Chocolate Dreams pb on a thin.

After breakfast we headed out to do some food shopping. It was a very mixed experience. On the one hand I was super bummed that some of my favorites were out of stock, such as southwestern ranch baked chips and light veggie cream cheese. I was CRAVING both of these! But, I wound up trying out spinach and artichoke cream cheese instead which is absolutely amazing. It's a little more fat than I'd like but still low in calories. I was also super pumped that Wegman's accepted all of my coupons (I've read that they don't always take ones for free items) and I got popchips and Food Should Taste Good chips for free! So, all in all, not a bad trip.

Here are my purchases:
Some features: whole-wheat Arnold thins (I have only tried honey wheat), sugar free vanilla pudding, cracked pepper turkey, potato and chive Food Should Taste Good chips, and.... a mini Wegman's Ultimate White Cake! The cake is for dessert tomorrow after our Valentine's Day dinner. We thought it would be more economical to buy dessert instead of getting it out at the restaurant and I think it is a rather delicious choice :)

Bryan and I also started our V-day celebration a little early and exchanged our gifts. (We decided to get each other small stuff, we need to save $$!)

He got me...
A yoga mat and an awesome pedometer! He made sure to make it clear that he doesn't think I need to lose weight but he knows I am "into this stuff right now" :) I thought it was a super thoughtful gift and I am SO excited to use them!!!

He also got me these gorgeous roses!

I read about Chocomize on Missy Maintains and decided to create some chocolate for Bryan for V-day.
I made him a milk chocolate bar with Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces, marshmallows, and caramel chips, and a white chocolate bar with pretzels and peanut butter pieces. Hope they are yummy!

For lunch I tried out my new purchases and had some cracked pepper turkey with spinach and artichoke cream cheese on a whole-wheat thin, with carrot sticks and potato and chive chips on the side.
This was a DELICIOUS lunch! The cream cheese is seriously out of this world. I added some of the chips to my sandwich for an extra crunch. The chips are good...but weren't as full of flavor as I would have liked. I'd give them a 6 or 7 out of 10. I definitely have to try some other flavors!


  1. awww what GREAT gifts!! how sweet!
    and i love your grocery loop too-ill have to try that cream cheese

  2. Those are great gifts - very sensible!

    Great trip to the grocery store - jealous you got some free bags of chips!