February 16, 2010

Smile, It's already Tuesday :)

And a pretty decent Tuesday at that! Work was, well work, but it could have been worse. Then I got out of class early and still managed to finish a group project a week before it's due and I came home to some exciting mail!

Cedar's Mediterranean Foods sent me some coupons to try their products. They make awesome stuff like hummus, tzatziki sauce, dips, chips, etc!
Really excited to make some purchases :)

I also received a very lovely package from Naturally More with two jars of regular peanut butter, two of almond butter, and some nifty little serving size packets.
I cannot WAIT to try these out!

Today's breakfast was, not surprisingly,
maple and brown sugar oats! With dried cranberries! Hey, I might not be too creative with breakfast, but I am almost always satisfied :)

For lunch I had
cracked pepper turkey on a thin with spinach and artichoke cream cheese. This is seriously to die for. I could eat this for days. Thinking about it makes me salivate!!!! I had bbq popchips (also amazing) and blueberries on the side.

I changed up my routine a bit today and had Bryan pack my dinner so I could eat it during class.
Great decision! I was starving by the time I got to class and scarfed down this wrap with hummus (and sriracha, of course), baby spinach, tomato and basil feta, and tomatoes. I also had some cucs and light dressing on the side.

Eating dinner at class made my night a lot less rushed and I was able to workout right when I got home. I did the 20 minute cardio workout and then AbJam. The 20 minute workout is actually getting a little too easy for me so I'm going to try to get in the habit of pairing it with another workout. That and AbJam was a great combo.

After exercising I had a sugar free vanilla pudding for dessert.
DELICIOUS! Man was this good. It would be even better with some crushed up graham crackers!


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  1. I love Cedar's hummis, and their other products too. And I have to tell Jared about that spinach and artichoeke cream cheese cuz artichokes are his fav veggie.

    Glad you're easing your way into exercising. Soon you'll be addicted! :)