February 6, 2010

Slightly less lazy Saturday!

Slept in late this morning so I skipped breakfast and went right to lunch.

I had the Green Giant Garden Vegetable Medley
with N.O.O. pretzels and chipotle hummus on the side. Have I mentioned that I like the pretzels sticks much better? The veggies come in a very flavorful marinade but they still needed something else so I livened them up with garlic powder, pepper, and tomato and basil feta cheese. TASTY!

Throughout the afternoon I snacked on raisins and soy crisps. I also finally purchased this:
I've been craving juice a lot and thought this would be a healthy way to quench my thirst. It was! Very low in calories, sweet but not sugary, and oh so delicious.

Bryan made Ahi tuna steaks for dinner!
We ate them rare in a teriyaki/sriracha/soy sauce/sesame oil/lemon juice sauce. They were fantastic! They tasted restaurant quality. I had broccoli and some reduced fat pepperjack. (I really need to stop squeezing cheese into every meal!)

For dessert I tried one of the honey wheat Arnold Sandwich thins that I was sent to review.
I ate it toasted with strawberry jam and it was delicious. This was an awesome dessert...thrilled that it was only 150 calories! It's probably unfair to give the thin a rating because of the jam but I'd have to give it a 9/10. So excited to try them out with other toppings!

In other news, I was finally feeling good enough to try out my TurboJam dvds...yayyyy!!!! I went for the 20 minute workout so I wouldn't overdo it. I LOVED it! There were a lot of tae-bo moves that I was used to so it wasn't too challenging but I still felt like I got a great workout. I'm definitely going to try out the other ones but I think the 20 minute workout will fit in best with my schedule. Andrea also sent me a Turbo results guidebook with tons of exercise and eating tips so I'm excited to look through it!


  1. those tuna steaks look great!!
    i love those sandwich thins-SUCH a great alternative to buns!!

  2. Ahi Tuna.... you are making Dad jealous