February 12, 2010

Grad School Blues.

Oh, grad school...how you are ruining my long weekend! I have so much work to get done this weekend and very little time so I am trying to get a lot done tonight. I have only gotten ONE assignment done so far :( It's extra frustrating because I wanted to get to see some of my friends in Rochester tonight but I still have so much more work to get done! Ugh!!

In happier news, I have had three amazing workouts between last night and tonight! Last night I did my usual 20 minute cardio workout. I tried AbJam this morning and loved it! It was only 20 minutes long but I knew I had seriously worked my abs when it was over. Tonight I tried Cardio Party which is a longer version of the 20 minute workout I usually do and that was also great! I really feel like I am on my way to a better body! Side note, the instructor occasionally tells you to "bust your move" which means to randomly dance and I usually feel a little silly about when Bryan is around (I am no dancer!) but he is working tonight so I got my groove on :)

My only complaint about working out is that I find that even when I stretch beforehand I get stomach cramps and have to pause the dvd to work them out. Anyone have advice for how to prevent stomach cramps or how to make them go away quickly?

This morning I had a small bowl of oatmeal...
With white chocolate pb and dried cranberries. I didn't do anything special to it but I swear this bowl tasted extra delicious!

For lunch I made what I'll call a tuna "pizza". I toasted up a whole-wheat tortilla....
Didn't realize it would bubble up like this!And topped it with tuna (with extra onion powder...mmmmm!) and shredded cheddar. It was awesome! I had the last of my N.O.O pretzels on the side.

I also made myself a Crystal Light raspberry lemonade.

I decided against posting a pic of my dinner because I had a leftover homemade black bean burger and even though it tasted heavenly, it looked anything but appetizing. I ate it bunless, caveman style (with my hands and scarfed it down) and I swear it tasted even better that way.

With my burger I had some fat free veggie dip and Melba thins, and a blueberry Special K bar.
I was surprisingly full after! Very satisfied :)

So, reading other blogs has made me more and more bummed that there is no Trader Joe's around here!! They have so much great stuff. Next time I'm home in Westchester I absolutely have to make time to stock up stuff. What are your favorite TJ goodies?

Also... random fact: I am weirdly proud of my ability to recognize random people on TV--an example of this would be finding Roger from Rent in an episode of Law & Order. Anyway, today I had one of my favorite catches. I was watching this week's episode of House and realized that the insurance man Cuddy was meeting with was Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World!! Remember him?

Now on to tackle my next assignment...

Oh! P.S. I was forwarded a video with the following message:

"You absolutely must take the time to watch this video from beginning to end. I guarantee that this phenomenal young man will put you in a better frame of mind for this day!! It makes you know that there is a God who provides but maybe not in the way everyone would like. This is probably the best 2010 video which says it all. Might make some of yours and my problems seem inconsequential."


Be sure to check it out. You'll be happy you did :)

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