February 22, 2010


Mondays. Not a fan. Who's with me?

I'll skip the complaining and go right to the eats...

Breakfast was a delicious bowl of Ovaltine oats.
It still amazes me how a tablespoon of powder can transform this bowl into something sooo good. YUM.

For lunch I had
turkey (this kind was mesquite flavor and I wasn't too impressed) with swiss on a whole-wheat thin with blueberries and potato and chive chips on the side. I added the chips to my sandwich for some crunch. Sandwiches taste so much better with chips, no?

I brought dinner to class...
This is pic was taken pre packing it up...no, I did not eat a meal laid out like this in class :) Isn't this a pretty picture though? Even the popchips look great...I'm craving them as I type. This was my standard spinach, onion, bruschetta, and feta wrap which was delicious as always.

After class I did a quick 20 minute cardio workout because it was already after 8. Having such little time during the week really bums me out! Dumb class gets in the way of my fitness plan!! If only there were more hours in a day.

Ended my night with a lovely little bag of 100 calorie chocolate pretzels. Mmmm good.



  1. Your sandwich picture IS super pretty. I would eat popchips even if they looked like dirt though, so good!

  2. I've never tried putting something like Ovaltine in oatmeal. What a great idea!