February 5, 2010

Lazy Friday

I'm still feeling really under the weather so today was a rather lazy day. I wanted to get homework done and finally try out my new workout dvds but it is just so hard to get myself to do much of anything when I'm feeling this icky! Blah!!!

Had oats this morning.
It had been a while! Good old maple and brown sugar oatmeal with raisins. It was yummy but I wish I had used dried cranberries instead. (Note the sad face...it symbolizes how I have been feeling this week!)

Lunch was one of my favorites.
Bryan and I call this tuna-mole! (Tuna and guacamole)
I usually eat the two together on a wrap but today I just put them on a chip...simple and YUMMY!

I love my popchips but every once in a while you have to give in to the real stuff.
Buffalo bites and guacamole are the best combo!

Tonight I wasn't feeling up to eating a big meal so I just snacked a lot. Some of my snacks included...
A BlueBran Vitatop. This is like my 5th this week. I am gonna turn into a Vitatop! I'm addicted!

I also had some broccoli and yogurt ranch dressing.

And also some bbq popchips that went unpictured.

Hoping to feel up to doing something with the rest of my night!


  1. Tuna mole is good! I used to mix tuna with just guac, not mole. That's too fancy for me.

  2. Get well soon!

    And then you and Bryan can come visit us in Bosotn for a weekend when you both have some free time!