February 10, 2010


I'm couching while blogging (anyone else like turning nouns into verbs?) and it is going to take everything in me to get up and exercise. It was one of those days! It's 7:30 and I'm ready for bed!!

I did the TurboJam 20 minute workout last night but kept having to pause it because I kept getting cramps in my stomach. I felt like I could have gotten a better workout so I did ten minutes of TurboSculpt too. My plan is to finish the rest of Sculpt tonight.

On to eats...
Small bowl of oatmeal and white chocolate pb. Simple, delicious.

Lunch was very similar to Monday's...
Turkey and chipotle hummus with Sriracha on an Arnold thin, veggies and dip, and original popchips. Love my sandwiches on Arnold thins...can not get enough!

Dinner was far from exciting.
So I tried to at least pretty up the picture! I had a black bean burger topped with reduced fat pepperjack and pickle and Sriracha/ketchup mix for dipping. I also had some N.O.O pretzels. Very tasty! I ate the burger bunless because I knew I'd be getting my carb fix from this....

Arnold thin and jam sammy.
Yum yum yum! How the deliciousness of jam has escaped me for so long is beyond me. This was scrumptious!

My week is ALMOST over!!!

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