February 11, 2010

Surprise dinner and some not so good news.

Start with the bad, end with the good...right? So today my boss asked me to start working Fridays. UGH! I know most people work 5 day weeks, but going to grad school full time on top of working is taking a LOT out of me and I was really enjoying having Fridays off. Boooooo! On the plus side, I could really use the extra money. Our electric/heating bill this month was INSANE!! Damn the cold!

Ok foooood!

I had a Chocolate Mint VitaTop for breakfast this morning.
If you ever wanted a Thin Mint (Girl Scout Cookie) in muffin form...this is it! Delicious! 9/10! Who likes my fuzzy pink robe? Embarrassing.

Love this artsy picture of my lunch.
I had feta, baby spinach, and jalapeno hummus mixed with sriracha on a whole-wheat wrap. So tasty and so so so spicy. Probably should have thought twice about mixing jalapeno and sriracha, WOW! I had barbecue popchips and blueberries on the side.

I came home to this!
Bryan and I had talked about making this meal for a while...California black bean burgers (recipe found in easy everyday vegetarian by Betty Crocker) with sweet potato fries. I was so excited! The burgers were filled with so much flavor I barely needed to dip, and the fries were delicious too. Love surprise dinners!

Off to digest and then do some cardio!


  1. still loving your blog and the pics!!! I gotta get me some of those Vitatops !! they look good! see you soon I hope! Happy Valentines Day sweetie pie !!

  2. How can you survive on just a vitatop for bfast?! I'd die!